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Pine Ridge @ Palmer Pletsch

This morning I kissed my wife, and sent her off to Palmer Pletsch in Philadelphia where they've been teaching sewing for real people since 1973. They call it a "Sewing Vacation" but anyone that knows Laura, knows that 'vacation' might not be the right word.

Laura works hard. And she is good at what she does.

One of our regular customers made a comment to me the other day. She couldn't emphasize enough how good Laura really is with sewing. I have to admit, I've probably taken her skills for granted. She's the only real sewer I've ever known. She sews everything - her own clothes, clothes for me, curtains, bedding, quilts, handbags, jackets. Anything that can be sewn, she sews. She did her wedding dress, her sister's wedding dress, ties for the groomsmen, she does embroidery, doll clothes, upholstery, countless alterations and repairs, all of her stuff is high fashion, and all of her stuff is exceptional quality.

The workshop that she's off to today starts with 4 days of "Fit" where they "teach the most practical, logical, and useful fit methods on the planet!". Then she'll take the teacher training so she can bring all these new skills home and share them with you - the community of Pine Ridge.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the trip is the day they all head into New York's Fashion District for shopping in the Big Apple's finest boutiques including Mood which we visit regularily in Laura's favourite TV show Project Runway.

I couldn't be more proud of her. But the best part is, she's getting prettier. Confidence is attractive, and this trip is only going to boost her confidence that much more.

In the first couple of years since we purchased Pine Ridge Knit & Sew, life has been pretty demanding. We've worked very hard to maintain the old status quo, while slowly transforming into a business that we can call our own. This trip marks the beginning of the new Pine Ridge.

Godspeed Laura.