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Before and After

Well it certainly sounds like they had a riot. And what a wonderful bonding experience! Laura says you can't help getting really close to these people after having spent a week together in your underwear. But just look at these smiles!


And after a few days of underpants giggling together...


Not to mention those PANTS!

And here's a few kind words from Janet Dapson Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor:

Hello, Ladies!

After wrapping up loose ends from last weekend’s workshop, I am now able to take time to say thank you. All of us here at the shop enjoyed working with such a fantastic group! Dick and I were delighted to join you for dinner, sharing stories and laughs. And we sincerely appreciate your business.

I am pleased that everyone enjoyed the class. It is heart-warming to be able to help with fitting garments and to share the excitement at the end of some very intensive days. Remember that these workshops are the beginning of a process that one continues to refine. Refer to class notes and the Pant Fit book when needed; and feel free to contact me if a particularly difficult question arises.


We couldn't be happier at Pine Ridge Knit & Sew to be a part of such an enthusiastic and professional group. Janet also said "Hopefully, it will not be too long until we can get together again" and we couldn't agree more!

Watch for more Palmer Pletsch classes and products coming soon to Pine Ridge.

Pants in Michigan

Laura's off to Fabrications in Kalamazoo Michigan this week for the second leg (pun intended) of the Palmer Pletsch certification training. It's Pants all week. The first photos are starting to trickle in, and what was the first thing we saw in Michigan - well what else - Cars!

There's a Thunderbird convention going on at the hotel. Have you ever seen so many T-birds in one parking lot?


But the coolest car ever has to be the Domino's DXP.

On that note, did you hear the Wooler Store is now making Pizza? It's pretty good too. Now if we can only talk them into one of these DXP's so we can get delivery. But for that, I think we may have to buy more pizza.


New York Fashion District

There are designers everywhere, here on Fashion avenue in NYC... You just have to look down! It's the fashion walk of fame! Cool, eh?

I'll try to take more, but this crazy Canuck might get trampled, these sidewalks are busy!



We're at B&J fabrics, our first shopping destination. It's Pamela's favourite and it's easy to see why! The fabrics are sew well organized, more on that later, and sew beautiful. This one is $200 a yard! It inspires me to think of my embroidery machine a little differently...


Seriously Organized Fabric!!

See how they're all protected with brown paper, to keep them safe? And each one has a swatch attached to keep us from handling them too much.


Recognize the rayons? We have them at Pine Ridge!