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Fashion Camp July 2019

Fashion Camp July 2019 - it was hot in July, it was a lot of work, we made a lot of friends, but most of all these girls made FASHION!! There were some stitching veterans in the crowd, but some were sewing for the first time. We all learned a little bit about sewing, we all learned a little bit about ourselves, and we ALL had FUN. Thank you ladies, enjoy your sewing and we hope to see you again next year!

Here's the work in progress...


The practice run.


The red carpet runway...


Cake and Flowers.


And the group shot.


Hair by Linda's Hair Expressions, Flowers by Forget-Me-Not Florist, Cake by Mya. And a really big Thank You to everyone that helped "Make It Work".


Sew Much Fun!!!

The Pine Ridge Jean Jacket Revival has come to an end, so we would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone who participated - we had SEW MUCH FUN!!! We had entries from kids and adults of all skill levels. The artistry is fantastic, original, stunning, and we're so proud of all the participants.

Check out the embellishments, the cutwork, the three dimensions, the colours. Really well done, we can't wait to see them out on the street and we're even more excited to see what they'll come up with next.

Quality never goes out of style ;)


Pamela's T's

“Needed” new T-Shirts and Pamela’s Perfect T-Shirt pattern was just sitting there, minding it’s own business and bam! My Husqvarna serger, a little stay tape and three T-Shirts ready for cover stitch!

Pamela’s Patterns are “designed to fit and flatter women with REAL figures!” They address many common fit issues and even include a separate darted Front piece for women with full busts.

And _of course_ you can get these 3 fabrics at Pine Ridge.


New York Fashion District

There are designers everywhere, here on Fashion avenue in NYC... You just have to look down! It's the fashion walk of fame! Cool, eh?

I'll try to take more, but this crazy Canuck might get trampled, these sidewalks are busy!



We're at B&J fabrics, our first shopping destination. It's Pamela's favourite and it's easy to see why! The fabrics are sew well organized, more on that later, and sew beautiful. This one is $200 a yard! It inspires me to think of my embroidery machine a little differently...


Seriously Organized Fabric!!

See how they're all protected with brown paper, to keep them safe? And each one has a swatch attached to keep us from handling them too much.


Recognize the rayons? We have them at Pine Ridge!