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Mommy and Me Sew

New Pyjamas all around at the Pine Ridge Mommy and Me Sew Event. The lessons were intense but everyone had a really great time. What will these kids think of next?


Greek Vest

This Greek vest is Folkwear pattern 126 made with an old Chinese wall hanging and your beautiful cotton linen blend!



That's FANTASTIC Anne-Marie! We're all really proud of you down here at Pine Ridge. Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing!


Christmas party, and everyone is wearing Pamela's patterns

Hi Pamela,

We had our Christmas party today and two of our customers broke out their best, and wore garments made with your patterns! So I pulled out the camera to share the love. Suzanne's skirt is silk and drapes beautifully in the bias skirt while Kim's tshirt is good old ity with a mesh. So urban!

Back to the food, they do that well too!
Thanks for everything,


Ruby Tuesday

It didn't take long for Tony to figure out that we needed to have a Ruby Tuesday. Laura was driving a Ruby deLuxe, Ilse was driving a Ruby deLuxe, Christina on a Ruby deLuxe, Marni just picked up the Ruby Royale, Ruth on a Ruby Royale - it was pretty obvious that the Ruby was the staff and volunteer favourite.

It was going to be be great, we would have had it on a Tuesday, written the invites on Rails, we would've served Reuben's, you get the idea....

On November 22 , Fourteen Ruby DeLuxe's showed up at our door.


I didn't get a sandwich, but I'm calling it anyways - the official Pine Ridge Ruby Tuesday.

Brenda's upgrading, Bonita's upgrading, Lisa's upgrading, Ilse's picking up another one. This is the upgrade event of the season. So what does that mean for you? That means we've got already loved machines on sale just in time for BLACK FRIDAY.

We've got a used Topaz, Sapphire, Jade, and a whole bunch of fully refurbished Ruby DeLuxe's ready for you to take home today.

Tony finally got his Ruby Tuesday.

Not ready to commit to embroidery? No problem, take home a Ruby D without the embroidery unit for almost HALF OFF! add the embroidery unit later. Even without embroidery, these are top of the line sewing machines. Did I mention the Ruby sews sideways? Literally sews sideways!

Exclusive Sensor System™, DeLuxe Stitch System™, Automatic Thread Cutter, Sew without the Foot, Design Positioning, Embroidery Resize, Sewing Advisor, Smart Save, 360 x 200 Hoop, Legendary Husqvarna Feet. «Official Husqvarna Product Page»

Great machines, great prices, these aren't going to last. It's Crazy Tony's Ruby Tuesday SALE down at Pine Ridge. You gotta get in here and sew!!


New Flannelette Pj's

One of the first things Laura made for me after we met was Pyjamas, and she's been making them for me ever since. Over the years she's perfected the design and tailored them masterfully to my measurements. She cranks them out in no time on her Husqvarna serger.

When this new flannelette showed up recently with Skateboards on it, well the timing couldn't have been better. It's starting to get colder at night, me old ones is getting a little thread bare, and I love skateboarding! Thanks Laura, I love you too :)

Stop by Pine Ridge to check out our buffett of the latest flannelette's just in time for PJ season.


Pamela's T's

“Needed” new T-Shirts and Pamela’s Perfect T-Shirt pattern was just sitting there, minding it’s own business and bam! My Husqvarna serger, a little stay tape and three T-Shirts ready for cover stitch!

Pamela’s Patterns are “designed to fit and flatter women with REAL figures!” They address many common fit issues and even include a separate darted Front piece for women with full busts.

And _of course_ you can get these 3 fabrics at Pine Ridge.


Embroidered Waistband and Shirt Back

What do you get when you give a garment sewer an EPIC embroidery machine? Embroidered waistbands and shirt backs of course!

Laura was litterly giggling when she started changing colours onscreen with a swipe and a tap. The intuitive nature of the touchscreen interface is a dream to work with.

Setup took a bit of effort to get the curved waistband lined up properly with design positioning, but the machine made light work of it once it was underway. Note the use of a top stabilizer.


Watch Laura's back for exciting new ideas blending fashion, fit, and embroidery all into one.

It's exciting to watch an expert at play!


Before and After

Well it certainly sounds like they had a riot. And what a wonderful bonding experience! Laura says you can't help getting really close to these people after having spent a week together in your underwear. But just look at these smiles!


And after a few days of underpants giggling together...


Not to mention those PANTS!

And here's a few kind words from Janet Dapson Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor:

Hello, Ladies!

After wrapping up loose ends from last weekend’s workshop, I am now able to take time to say thank you. All of us here at the shop enjoyed working with such a fantastic group! Dick and I were delighted to join you for dinner, sharing stories and laughs. And we sincerely appreciate your business.

I am pleased that everyone enjoyed the class. It is heart-warming to be able to help with fitting garments and to share the excitement at the end of some very intensive days. Remember that these workshops are the beginning of a process that one continues to refine. Refer to class notes and the Pant Fit book when needed; and feel free to contact me if a particularly difficult question arises.


We couldn't be happier at Pine Ridge Knit & Sew to be a part of such an enthusiastic and professional group. Janet also said "Hopefully, it will not be too long until we can get together again" and we couldn't agree more!

Watch for more Palmer Pletsch classes and products coming soon to Pine Ridge.

Pants in Michigan

Laura's off to Fabrications in Kalamazoo Michigan this week for the second leg (pun intended) of the Palmer Pletsch certification training. It's Pants all week. The first photos are starting to trickle in, and what was the first thing we saw in Michigan - well what else - Cars!

There's a Thunderbird convention going on at the hotel. Have you ever seen so many T-birds in one parking lot?


But the coolest car ever has to be the Domino's DXP.

On that note, did you hear the Wooler Store is now making Pizza? It's pretty good too. Now if we can only talk them into one of these DXP's so we can get delivery. But for that, I think we may have to buy more pizza.


Pine Ridge @ Palmer Pletsch

This morning I kissed my wife, and sent her off to Palmer Pletsch in Philadelphia where they've been teaching sewing for real people since 1973. They call it a "Sewing Vacation" but anyone that knows Laura, knows that 'vacation' might not be the right word.

Laura works hard. And she is good at what she does.

One of our regular customers made a comment to me the other day. She couldn't emphasize enough how good Laura really is with sewing. I have to admit, I've probably taken her skills for granted. She's the only real sewer I've ever known. She sews everything - her own clothes, clothes for me, curtains, bedding, quilts, handbags, jackets. Anything that can be sewn, she sews. She did her wedding dress, her sister's wedding dress, ties for the groomsmen, she does embroidery, doll clothes, upholstery, countless alterations and repairs, all of her stuff is high fashion, and all of her stuff is exceptional quality.

The workshop that she's off to today starts with 4 days of "Fit" where they "teach the most practical, logical, and useful fit methods on the planet!". Then she'll take the teacher training so she can bring all these new skills home and share them with you - the community of Pine Ridge.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the trip is the day they all head into New York's Fashion District for shopping in the Big Apple's finest boutiques including Mood which we visit regularily in Laura's favourite TV show Project Runway.

I couldn't be more proud of her. But the best part is, she's getting prettier. Confidence is attractive, and this trip is only going to boost her confidence that much more.

In the first couple of years since we purchased Pine Ridge Knit & Sew, life has been pretty demanding. We've worked very hard to maintain the old status quo, while slowly transforming into a business that we can call our own. This trip marks the beginning of the new Pine Ridge.

Godspeed Laura.