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Husqvarna's Coming to Town & Weekly Deals!!!

Sew! Embroider! Serge!

You are invited to
Only 4 seats left!!!

The sewing machines available to us today make sewing more enjoyable. Learn more as you create a one-of-a-kind Notepad Cover! You’ll embroider, serge and sew all while learning and having fun with Emily Baker [], your Husqvarna educator. We will provide all your materials, including fabric, thread and the machines. Lunch is also included in this hands-on event.

This Friday April 6, from 10-4pm.
$20 includes lunch AND project kit.
Bring a friend and make it a sewing date.
Limited space available, book your seat now!!!



Embroidery Software Bonanza

Join us for an eye-opening tour of our embroidery software system with Emily Baker [], our Husqvarna Software Specialist today April 5 from 1-4pm OR 6-9pm.

You can find out which embroidery software is right for you while touring the various embroidery software options available. Whether using Windows or Mac your creative possibilities are endless! This is a lecture demo event with a stunning trunk show – come see for yourself and get inspired.

$5 to hold your spot.



Bolt of the Week

Positively Pastel in Coral and Green
This stunning small scale print is perfect for spring quilts or summer dresses.

Regularly $8.99/m @ Pine Ridge
April 5- April 10, only $6.75/m!



Deal of the Week

Babyville Boutique Snaps are the perfect closure for a wide variety of designs, apparel and baby accessories.

When Babyville snaps hit the market a few years ago, their bright colours and cute cover designs were an instant hit. They were immediately snapped up for their decorative flair. We've used them on several projects, and love them!!!

Regularly $10.99/pk
April 5- April 10, only $8.25/pk!



Husqvarna Spring Flyer

Always loaded with great spring savings, including gift with purchases and mail in rebates. Come in to test drive these amazing machines (or sign up for the Husqvarna event next Friday).

And this is the time to upgrade your embroidery software too! With Emily coming to inspire next Thursday, major spring savings, and classes in the next calendar, now is the time to upgrade.

See store for details.


Learn about Bias Tape

With a million uses, no wonder bias tape is sometimes called the Duct Tape of sewing!

Join Laura for a jam packed FREE DEMOnstration on how to use, sew and make your own bias tape Tuesday @ 10AM or Thursday at 6PM.


Family that embroider together stays together

This is such a great picture of some of our tribe in their native environment, that I just had to share. Look at the enthusiasm on those faces!!

Only trouble is, the sewing machine was supposed to be for her - but he's having as much fun as she is!!

Awesome display of teamwork from the whole family. Well done team!


10AM demo on Banishing the Bulk

Does your machine skip stitches when working on thick layers? Or worse, does it tell you the seam is too thick and refuses to continue? Find out how to make these thick seams easier on your machine AND YOU in today's demo.

Starts today Tuesday, January 9 at 10AM.



All Done!

Finally finished the first one! Don’t know if I’ll get to the second but one is better then none! Made entirely from Free Spirit Solids!

Nice one Lisa, and that grin for the win! Our life is sew much better with your free spirit in it.

~*What makes you different just might be your biggest strength*~


Do you Price Match?

"Do you price match?"

"Of Course", says the unsuspecting shop keep falling into the setup perfectly.

"Here's an ad for Flannels at 5 cents / yard. And here's silk on for 35 cents. Stolen Silks wouldn't be cheaper than these!"


As they were renovating their turn of the century home, they came across a collection of well preserved newspapers dating back as far as 1896. What a great find! I snapped a couple of quick phone pics so I could share them here.

We were doing an EPIC install when the question came up.

Recognize the sewing table? It matched the colour on the walls so perfectly that we can be sure it went to a nice home (they literally have sewing ads in the walls). Have Fun with your new EPIC! And if you do want a price match, you'll have to find an ad no older than 30 DAYS.


Sew Much Fun!!!

The Pine Ridge Jean Jacket Revival has come to an end, so we would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone who participated - we had SEW MUCH FUN!!! We had entries from kids and adults of all skill levels. The artistry is fantastic, original, stunning, and we're so proud of all the participants.

Check out the embellishments, the cutwork, the three dimensions, the colours. Really well done, we can't wait to see them out on the street and we're even more excited to see what they'll come up with next.

Quality never goes out of style ;)


Tony's First Embroidery

If you don't recognize the character in the image - you're probably not a skateboarder. Any skateboarder will instantly identify him as "The Ripper" from Powell Peralta. (See what I did there - Ripper, like Stitch-Ripper, ha ha, wink wink). Anywho I'm a big fan - I've been riding Bones wheels for as long as I've been searching for Animal Chin.

While this isn't technically my first embroidery, it IS the first time that I've embroidered a project of my own, (that I'm totally going to wear) including creating my own .VP3 file.

And I had a _lot_ of fun doing it.

I did a little Gimping with the image before importing into the Embroidery Software. The image was simplified to 4 colours, each colour was broken out into it's own layer, and then each layer was imported one at a time. Once all the layers were in, it was a simple matter to stack them back up, and export to .VP3. Then loaded that file into a Designer Ruby DeLuxe, which proceeded to stomp the stitch-out like Rodney Mullen stomps a kick-flip!

One of the things I figured out early on is that white can be tough to work with on screen - but the finished product is going to come out with whatever colour thread you loaded into the machine. That's why his face is blue on the computer.

And did I mention that Embroidery Software is on sale this month down at Pine Ridge Knit & Sew?


Ruby and Me

Look what Ruby and I made this evening!!!!
I think Rebecca's secret Santa for dance is going to be thrilled to death!!

~*What makes you different just might be your biggest strength*~


WOW Lisa! Just WOW!! And way to work that new Ruby!

I can almost hear Yoda telling me to expect great things from this one.


Greek Vest

This Greek vest is Folkwear pattern 126 made with an old Chinese wall hanging and your beautiful cotton linen blend!



That's FANTASTIC Anne-Marie! We're all really proud of you down here at Pine Ridge. Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing!


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